5 Best Perfumes under 500 in India for ladies-2021-Women perfume

Best Perfumes under 500 in India for ladies

The main benefits of applying perfume only enhance your mood. by helping camouflage your qualities, character, style, and it reflects your mood, to present it in a better way.
Whether you are happy, naughty, fearful or fragrant, explore many different types for different moods. Select and wear perfumes according to the occasion so that you can get in the mood for it. 

When you want to buy perfume, Of course, you should consider some factors,  Do you know what are the two factors? to buy good perfumes If you know the factors, then it becomes very easy to buy a good perfume for your self or for your loves one.

For example where you are going to use them for party wear or office ware and what kind of fragrance do you like So in this way, you can shorten your list of perfumes.

There are many types of Best perfumes under 500 for women like EDT Eau de toilet EDP Eau de perfume and EDC Eau de cologne All of them have their own different Advantages and Dis Advantages with which it becomes difficult to differentiate...and  it is all about concentration

What is EDC


Eau de cologne is a very mild perfume for ladies in India, which is usually can use by both men and women. It has a high alcohol content and low perfume content. it made from citrus fruits

What is EDT


Eau de toilets are some of the concentrated perfumes that commonly come in men's perfumes, and EDT ingredients include low alcohol and high essence of perfumes, especially for men. It lasts only 4 to 6 hours on your body

What is EDP


Eau de perfume is more concentrated in ingredients and accordingly is more intense than EDT and usually comes in women. Perfume type EDP perfume comes in highly concentrated perfume, it stays on your body for a long time (long-lasting perfume for her in India) and may have a hole day special Designed for women, men. Can wear it anyway.

To be honest, it would be an incomplete way to decide the best perfume for Indian women in the budget segment of less than 500, if you like it. And, chances are you may be ready to buy the wrong perfume.

You do not worry about choosing the best perfume for your self or for your love, here we show you the top 5 best ladies perfume in India under 500

5 Best perfumes under 500 in India for ladies 

The Best Perfume for Women in India

#1 FOGG, I am queen scent for women

Found Little spicy because of the touch of ginger This perfume suits those who like slightly strong fragrance

EDP based perfume which means highly concentrate perfume gives you a long duration and  stays for the whole day 

When you use it, shake it well first so that all the ingredients are well mixed.


Including ginger, bitter orange rose, jasmine honey amber accord and sandalwood its base note


Each perfume contains alcohol, so whenever you spray it on your clothes, fabric and body, So maintain a distance of approximately 15 cm.

Do not spray too much. Only 6 to 8 sprays are enough throughout the day.

#2 Parag fragrances-lavender  mask EDP Perfume for men & women

If you looking for office ware fragrance blindly you can go for this one because it's a content fresh and touch of vanilla mostly people preparing fresh fragrance in the morning 
When you have left for the office from home, then try this fragrance in the morning, it will make you feel fresh till you reach the office.

You will also find this fragrance in the EDP (Eau De Perfume) base which means it will perform better 


fresh vanilla fragrance top notes little stronger but after settled down you will feel very fresh  


Each perfume contains alcohol, so whenever you spray it on your clothes, fabric and body, So maintain a distance of approximately 15 cm.

Do not spray too much. Only 6 to 8 sprays are enough entire day.

#3 Engage Yang Eau De Parfum, Perfume for women

For women who love the floral base and sweet fruity fragrances, this fragrance is best because it has more floral and sweet.

it is totally partyware and evening and night ware fragrance you could not ware for office or for the morning  because People around you can become irritated

Engage perfume  is not one of them that will give you a headache it's not that much strong well-balanced fragrance

Spending 300 to 350 Rs on this perfume is not a big deal 


Refresh feminine fragrance with the touch of peer and berries A heady concoction of fruity, floral and gourmand will ensure that you're not forgotten even after you leave.


Whenever you spray it on your clothes, fabric and body, So you can maintain a distance of approximately 6 to 8 cm.

Do not spray too much. Only 6 to 8 sprays are enough the whole day.

#4 Nike Pure EDT ( Eau de toilat) for women 

Nike Pure Its name indicates that very fresh charming fragrance I bought this fragrance for my wife in October, she loved it so much

you can use it for daily ware  if you are going  office, college or somewhere else


Very refreshing EDT to banish sweat odour long-lasting fragrance 


keep a distance of approximately 10 to 12 cm. don't use lavishly  only 6 to 8 spray enough

#5 Paris elysees Dolce & sense rose centifolia EDP for women

This is the last perfume in our list of best perfume under 500 in India for ladies Stylish Bottle Premium Look Sandalwood Fresh Amber You can wear it for party as well as office

It comes in a beautiful gift pack. If you are looking for a gift for your love then this is the perfect gift you can go for it

If we talk about fragrance, it comes in EDP base perfume, its fragrance feels like a little wooden flower. and very fresh


the top notes modern rose centifolia the historic rose of the master perfumers of Provence


You can use directly on your clothes and you don't need to apply lavishly just 6 to 8 spray is enough and keep distance approx 15 cm  whenever you apply 


Whenever you buy perfume to make sure that it is EDP based perfume because the concentration level of EDP perfume is very high and it stays in your body or clothes for a long time.

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